Best workout routines for weight loss

By | December 28, 2015

Workout routines for weight loss are not something fixed in shape or duration. If you change the “What workout should I do?” The best answer to the question is “You can do whatever your preferred workout is, but there are some important points you should keep in mind when you do so. Make these workouts a habit of being active all the time: That’s why they are called routines. They are a part of your healthy lifestyle. You should not go hard from day 1. On the contrary, I advise you to do the opposite. Start with light active movements for the first day and make it for 10 minutes only.

workout routines for weight loss

Is it that simple? Yes it is that simple but the point is that you are burning calories without hitting the maximum of your muscles capabilities. If you hit the maximum of your muscle you will need to have a bigger rest period for the recovery and this will imbalance the rhythm of eating less than burning.

There is a twitch if you apply can make a big difference. Make your workout routines for weight loss before meals and make them short. Make a workout routine before breakfast and make it for 10 minutes only. For example, do some running in place for 3 minutes then rest for 1 minute. Repeat this 3 times. As you feel your body temperature raised and you started sweating that means you are in the right intensity. If you can do it more it is better. I don’t want this small session to be longer than 15 minutes at all. But it should be done right before each and every meal. You should not go always for running in place. You can choose any exercise you like. The point is that it should be fast and you should sweat. When your fitness become better don’t increase the time, increase the intensity, decrease the rest periods in the session.

In this way you will keep the fat burning rate high enough to work for you all the day. Even when you sleep.

What happens to your body while doing these workout routines for weight loss?

Fats are burned inside our body in two ways: first, when you are in rest and your body doesn’t need massive reinforcement of power to do normal body’s job. This sounds great, doesn’t it? If it is like that why we exercise? Let us just lose fat while in rest! The problem is that consumption is minimal and not enough to lose weight because you eat !! This is less than what we eat usually.

Second, during workout the demand on the calories that are normally stored in muscles is high. The normal make up of these calories  comes from blood sugar but because the brain’s food is only sugar the body tries to find alternative for that sugar if it goes low. This alternative is body fat. So in this strategy we increase the body’s consumption of fats just when the blood sugar level naturally goes down (before meals) and this doubles the rate of fat loss, furthermore, any food you eat needs around 2 hours to start making up sugar (except if you eat sugar or sweats for sure) which gives us a long enough period to burn more fat.

This strategy not only help us very much in our belly fat combat but also lower the chances of new fat storage in our body.

Keep your eye on what you eat and read more about diets since 70% of your fat loss success will come through the right belly fat combat diet.

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