The Belly fat Combat Workout

By | November 26, 2015

Belly fat Combat Workout 


 The belly fat combat workout will boost the rate at which you burn calories by 13 %. The key to caloric demolition here is called a super-set, in which you do two workouts back to back with zero rest. It is tiring but you won’t be sorry. Because with super-sets, you’ll not only get that metabolic spike, but according to a study from Colorado State University, you’ll continue to burn fat and calories at a higher rate for up to 16 hours after you finish the belly fat workout. How’s that for motivation? Complete this fat-burning workout twice a week, use a weight at which you can barely eke out the last rep of your final set with perfect form.

belly fat combat workout

Recover Right

Proper recovery is key to feeling fabulous and staying injury free. Follow these rules from John Berardi, Ph.D., president and founder of Precision Nutrition.

Belly fat combat workout time

Sip an energy drink. Go for one with a 2-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein: any product that has about 24 grams of carbs and 12 grams of protein. Can’t find a brand your taste buds can tolerate? Try six to eight ounces of Gatorade mixed with a scoop of whey protein powder.

Post workout

Do 15 minutes of low impact cardio, then eat ASAP. “Your blood sugar levels are low, so you may feel agitated,” Berardi says. That’s your body saying “Feed me. Now!” For a quick fix, order this at your smoothie bar: one to two cups of skim or soy milk, one to two cups of frozen fruit, and a scoop each of whey protein and green powder (the latter is packed with recovery aiding antioxidants).

6 Minutes To Skinny

The next day

Light activity will keep your muscles from tightening up. Walking the dog, taking a yoga class, or chasing your niece at the playground are all legit options.

More details with clear view:

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Have a nice belly fat combat workout 😉


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  1. Miya

    I am 11 years old and I weigh 120 pounds I have been trying for about a year to loose 50 pounds and I hope this will be my solution

  2. Miranda Miranda

    So Miay has the weight loss program worked for you, cause i am a couple years older than you and i and I weigh 40 pounds would you do. I want to know if i will be wasting my time here, im trying to lose 30 pounds in time for school, but im not sure that is possible, but if this works i will be willing to do this program.

  3. Elleitra

    I’m 13 and weigh 145 and want to look good in my costume for Halloween (Wonder Woman I hope this lets me lose 50 pounds before it rolls around

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