Running Weight loss

By | December 9, 2015

Running weight loss is a very useful and quick technique to lose belly fat fast. There are some considerations you should keep in mind not to affect your progress and maintain your muscles strong.


Running weight loss before and after

running weight loss

keep in mind that running as a high cash calorie consuming activity so you need to keep an eye on the running weight loss diet, moreover it encourages high twitching fibers of muscles which are usually rarely used for a seeker of a belly fat combat wining. In another words you should warm up your body before starting running. Otherwise you may affect your body harmfully and have some pains that may last for days or weeks.

After the running  session have meal that have 30% – 40% of calories consist of protein. This is important not to lose your muscles.

Distance running weight loss

don’t pay a great worry for the distance you run if you are a beginner because in a point view of your legs strength and capability you are not used to and need training but after a while you will start feeling great . A start of 100 yards running – 100 yards walking is fine. make the whole session 1 mile. then increase this on weekly basis.

Running weight loss diet

Just a little difference when considering running weight loss: this training is a quick consumption training of blood sugar. It is a good idea to keep a 16 oz. cup of fresh juice to sip, half before session and the remaining just after the finish.

Running Weight loss Schedule

Just because this activity is maximizing the usage of your leg muscles, it encouraging metabolism in your body (i.e: muscles destruction and building) so just have a good sleep time at night and perform this training 2 times weekly as a start then increase it to 3 times by next month, 4 times then after and don’t increase anymore then.


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