Lose Weight Walking

By | December 5, 2015

Lose weight walking … Is it achievable?

Sure. But don’t expect results can come without planing.

A lose weight walking is an important strategy to win your combat.

the belly fat combat - lose weight walking

I will give you some tips:

    • To lose 1 lb of fats – not weight – you need to burn 3000 kcal (same to say 7700 Kcal to be burnt to lose one kilogram of body fat).
    • Preset your goal: How many lb.s I want to get rid off? Time to lose this amount should be reasonable
    • Walk more than 3 times a week (I prefer if you can do this the first thing in the morning, before the breakfast but sure have a cup of water before).
    • if you are not used to be active start with 10 minutes daily and increase session every week or less  by 5 minutes until you reach 40 minutes (if you are able to maximize this to 1 1/2 hours that will be great and will enhance the process but don’t be overtaken and waste all your energy. Just remember that your body will start recovery from the breakfast after 2 hours of digestion.
    • keep on this for one month (daily lose weight walking).
    • After one month make a rest for a week then (if your muscles are good start from here) walk 4 times a week in a speed of +4 miles/h for one and half an hour.
    • measure your weight once weekly first thing after morning toilet (let’s say every Friday morning).
    • make this “Lose Weight Walking” a life style (the point here is to keep active so your metabolism will stay high enough to keep burning any excess calorie intake).
    • After few months try to remember your health before and after this simple program, and wish me good luck 😉


I always like to hear a feedback from you. Keep in touch.

Good Luck

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